Coaching is all about change…

How many books or sermons have you read or heard that you immediately applied to your life? Honestly? And it probably took you awhile to muster up the determination to get at it too. Unless it hit you like a lightning bolt right at the first time. There is a difference between knowing about something, or having an inner revelation of it. When it first hits you and it literally screams in your face, now that’s when something rises up in you and you say: “I’m getting this done and nothing’s stopping me!” You get a sudden boost, the plan starts to unfold, and it seems everything just falls into place all at once.

That’s what inner revelation births in you. Whether you read it, or someone led you to it, you just KNOW that that’s the way! A life coach can lead you to such inner revelation through thoughtful questioning, and processing. It is a known fact, that we respond to inner revelation better than outward suggestions. When the thought conceives in you and you even speak it out loud to yourself, the deed will almost automatically follow.

Your coach is a catalyst for that change you desire. Remember, you set the agenda not the coach! Your coach will not try to fix or solve problems. They ask questions, give feedback, assist you to look inward, and you will find that you’ll be able to come up with the right answers just for you! It’s a discovery process and a strategy process all in one, and it can yield powerful results in your life!